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The following themes have so far been photographed:

2001     Village perspectives in the nature reserve

2002     On tour in the nature reserve

2003     Water, the elixir

2004     People and nature

2005     Forest in focus

2006     Parks and gardens in the nature reserve

2007     Favourite places in the nature reserve

2008     Cities and villages in the nature reserve

2009     Festivals, customs, traditions....



So always have a camera at the ready. We look forward to seeing your snapshot. If you would like to take part in this competition, your photos should be submitted to the nature reserve administration by no later than April 2009. The pictures received will be exhibited at the 2010 Nature Reserve Festival in Rückersdorf. Thanks to the support of the Sparkasse Elbe-Elster savings bank, we will once again be able to reward the best work in 2009.

Kontakt: Cordula Schladitz , Tel.: 035341 / 61515