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Sponsor association

Founded: 25 June 1991

Chairman: Andreas Claus, Mayor of the City of Uebigau-Wahrenbrück

Members: currently 55, apart from private individuals, the communities in the nature reserve, as well as the Elbe-Elster administrative district, also belong to the sponsor association


  • Supporting all measures serving to develop the Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft Nature Reserve
  • Supporting measures to protect flora and fauna, as well as the landscape
  • Promoting and securing districts, landscape elements, as well as natural and architectural monuments worth protecting
  • Teaching the public about conservation and protecting species,
  • Nurturing the environment, landscape and traditions in the region
  • Boosting economic cycles and ecotourism in the region,
  • Boosting regional awareness among the nature reserve’s population


The sponsor association has looked after the visitor information centre (VIC) at the Bad Liebenwerda nature reserve building since December 2006. It publishes the nature reserve calendar and assists with the annual competition for the “Nature Reserve Community” title. It also participates in various projects which help to further develop the nature reserve, such as the capercaillie project. The sponsor association is a non-profit organisation.

Elstermühle Plessa

The sponsor association is based at the Elstermühle Plessa, which was opened to the public as a Technical Cultural Monument in 1995 following extensive restoration work of the landmarked building and reconstruction of the flour mill. Tours are possible upon prior registration. The office spaces are today used by the sponsor association, as well as by the Brandenburg park rangers. Seminar rooms are available for training sessions and presentations.

The mill tavern completes the complex with its rustic and romantic atmosphere.

Gourmets should definitely stop by for a bite to eat and indulge themselves in a menu comprising delicious fish dishes from the region. Also highly recommended is the Steinofenbrot (bread baked in a stone oven) prepared on-site. The wedding chamber set up in the mill makes the best day of your life even more unforgettable.


Förderverein Naturpark Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft e.V.

Headquarters                                                   Visitor Centre

An der Elstermühle 7                                        Am Markt 20

04928 Plessa                                                   04924 Bad Liebenwerda

Tel.: 03533/ 5206                                              Tel.: 035341/ 471594

Fax: 03533/ 511510                                          Fax: 035341/ 471598

E-Mail:elstermuehle(at)naturpark-nlh.de               E-Mail: info(at)naturpark-nlh.de

Account details:

Sparkasse Elbe-Elster                                      Sparkasse Elbe-Elster

Bank code 18051000                                        Bank code 18051000

Account No. 3420152921                                  Account No. 3400200602