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Nature reserve building

"Take a look at this!!! “ - The exhibition in the nature reserve building

The exhibit on the nature reserve invites you to look at the diverse particularities of the Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft from a different perspective. By looking, listening, turning, folding and feeling, visitors can actively immerse themselves in the virtual world of heaths, moors, orchards and post-mining landscapes.

Here, you can play with apples, go on a treasure hunt, examine brown earwigs under a magnifying glass or look underneath the bark of pine trees. The capercaillie, the emblematic animal of the nature reserve, calls out from the past for its future in the local sessile oak-pine forests, while the model of the Rothsteiner Cliff provides summiteers with the best view into a hidden mountain landscape. Nature lovers can also follow the tanks’ tracks and admire the purple blooms of the calluna heather through a telescope. Those interested can embark on an audio journey - two natives from the region chat in their typical dialect about the peculiarities of the people and their histories. The nature reserve building in Bad Liebenwerda is the central point of information for the southernmost major reserve in southern Brandenburg, and is open for tourists, health resort guests, nature and homeland enthusiasts, as well as school groups. Here, all questions about the nature reserve are answered, and events information and excursion tips provided. Tours through the exhibit are available at all times on request.


Visitor information centre

Sponsoring association Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft Nature Reserve

Nature reserve building    

Markt 20, 04924 Bad Liebenwerda                                                                 

Tel.: 035341/ 471594                                                                                     

Fax: 035341/ 471598                                                                                         

E-Mail: info(at)naturpark-nlh.de

Opening hours                                                                                               

April - October, Wednesday - Sunday/ Holiday

9 bis 17

November bis March, Wednesday - Friday

10 bis 16

Barrier-free nature reserve building                                                       

Barrier-free facility with disabled access and adapted toilets.



This project is supported by the European Development Work and Guarantee Fund for Agriculture, Dept. of Development Work and the Ministry for Land Development, the Environment and Consumer Protection.